gameboy floppy disk drive

Very awesome mod/hack. Worth checking out.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could somone make a simplfied or more detailed instructions for doing this please it would be greatly appreicated if you happen to make one up please send it to bch_6@hotmail.com

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Blogger aLeJaNdRo said...

Hello I have a problem with my Game boy color: the "dc to dc" converter fails, then broke. I connect +3vdc and +5vdc and works, the CPU, main memory and sound (sounds a characteristic sound of the game boy), but the LCD does not work, only a few sample columns black and orange.
Some pictures of my gbc:


Do you tell me which are the other voltages leaving the "dc-dc converter" of the game boy color?

sorry for my bad english.


my mail: rd{dot}qnd{dot}m{at}gmail{dot}com

12:59 PM  

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