I Love This Mod...

Earlier this week I gave a lot of thought about my iPod and it's average battery life of about 8 hours. I wanted to extend that so much, but I didn't want to open it up and upgrade the battery from the crappy ones that Apple places in them (I don't want to void my warranty), so I thought about making an external battery back that could charge up my iPod when I'm not near a power outlet. I had never done a mod before, so this could be quite challenging for a n00b in this field. Plus I'm not all that well educated in voltage and wiring, so the thought of accidentally frying my iPod came into mind if I had too much power going into the 'pod at one time. Then one visit to Hack-a-Day brought me to a page of someone who had made an iPod battery pack out of an Altoids tin. Now I have a solid foundation and hopefully I'll be able to pull this mod off. This will definately help me out when I make my trip to Japan later in the summer.


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